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The Power of Visual Content in 2022





Our 2022 State of User-Generated Content Report shows marketing teams’ top goals for 2022 are engagement and ROI. With that goal in mind, marketers will need to incorporate dynamic visual content to be successful. Luckily, Hootsuite’s Social Media Trends 2022 Report shows that the most exciting opportunity for marketers this year is experimenting with new content and ad formats. This webinar will dive into the importance of authentic visual content, what consumers are looking for organic and in paid ads, and some creative ways to experiment in 2022.


Join us as we learn about the power of authentic visual content from our experts at TINT, the trusted enterprise User-Generated Content platform, followed by an open discussion with Dianne Semark, Creative Director at Hootsuite. 


What You’ll learn

  • What consumers are really looking for from brands
  • The different kinds of formats to experiment with 
  • How Hootsuite is getting creative in 2022


Ivonne Headshot

Ivonne Aldaz

Ivonne Aldaz is the creator of Future of Marketing by TINT, where she writes a weekly newsletter that analyzes global trends, consumer behavior, and brands embracing user-generated content (UGC). She also hosts a podcast, where she interviews marketing leaders around the world about their challenges, advice, and perspective for the future.  


Ivonne spearheads TINT’s annual State of UGC research study and speaks about a wide-range of topics, including digital marketing, employee advocacy, and personal branding.


She’s been in marketing for nearly 10 years, received her MBA, and is completing a thesis for her Masters of International Business and Economics. She enjoys traveling, design, and helping people grow in their careers.







S. David Ramirez

S. David Ramirez is the Sr. Marketing Manager at TINT, the world's most trusted UGC platform. He is a board member of the International Festivals and Events Association Foundation and writes for their quarterly magazine. He writes and speaks internationally about marketing, digital media, and field marketing. Occasionally, he’s funny; mostly, he’s a geek. Talk to him about nerdy things.





















Dianne Semark

Dianne Semark, Creative Director at Hootsuite leads a team of talented designers, animators, and video producers to bring brand strategies to life across all of Hootsuite’s brand touchpoints, including creating those thumb-stopping moments on Social. She brings over 15 years of experience in branding and creative direction, working on a wide range of B2B and B2C industries, but it doesn’t feel like work to her because she loves what she does. She’s driven by a desire to create positive change in the world and believes strength comes from doing things you thought you couldn’t. "Life is short, even for a brand — shake things up, try something different, be curious, be fearless, embrace the weird and the wonderful. That’s how you get to the good stuff