The future of Hospitality, Travel, and Tourism is built on trust

Now is the time for brands to reconnect and re-engage as visitors and guests rediscover a vastly different world.

TINT helps you use the best user-generated content to encourage traveler trust.


Trust and safety are more important than ever. Just months ago, no one anticipated a complete shutdown in travel. 61% of Americans expect it to get worse or much worse in the coming months.

Consumer Sentiment “Unsafe” or “Very Unsafe” - July/August 2020

  • 64.3% - Traveling on a Commercial Airline
  • 60.1% - Visiting Museum, Gallery, or other Indoor Attraction
  • 54.8% - Amusement Park, Zoo, or Outdoor Attraction
  • 52.4% - Dining at Restaurant
  • 45.7% - Hotel Stay

Now is the time for travel, tourism, and hospitality brands to reconnect and re-engage as visitors and guests rediscover a vastly different world.

Apart from a few adventurous souls, no one wants to be the first to try something new, they need to see others doing it. As people begin to venture out and make travel plans, they rely on indicators of safety and trust to guide their decisions.

Top travel brands use TINT to gather and use the very best user-generated content to demonstrate safety and encourage traveler trust.



Collect & Curate

Sift through photos and reviews with the help of our machine learning to find the best content.


Get Rights

Obtain legal rights from users in an easy, intuitive process.



Integrate UGC in every critical touch point.



Track where guests post and see who's getting the most interaction.


More than ever, you need to:

  • Activate the voice of early returners to provide social proof and increase trust
  • Be visible and inspire confidence with visitor and guests
  • Turn every customer, visitor, guest, and employee into your brand ambassadors

How will you make sure that you are visible and trusted by travelers to give them the confidence to book?

We’re here to help. Our content and social experts are available for a no-obligation consultation to help you plan your safe return marketing strategy. Together, we’ll walk through a blueprint designed to scale. 

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