Social Media Week North America - 2022


Individual Experience, Collective Content Creation





Brand experiences are increasingly becoming hyper-personalized and hyper-local. These individual moments combine into a collective storytelling process that is held together by the thread of user-generated content. Whether the experience is digital, physical, or some mix of the two, brands can leverage this content to activate globally, fostering connections that transcend distance, language, and demographics.

Join TINT’s S. David Ramirez and Ivonne Aldaz, Lead Researcher and Content Creator at Future of Marketing, as they explore a framework for designing scalable community-driven content initiatives powered by individual creators and creatives. You’ll walk away understanding the essential elements of community-driven campaigns, the implications of building trust and repurposing community content to design future brand experiences and activations, and the role of multi-realm brand experiences in capturing first-party data and creating captivated audiences.


Ivonne Headshot

Ivonne Aldaz

Ivonne Aldaz is the creator of Future of Marketing by TINT, where she writes a weekly newsletter that analyzes global trends, consumer behavior, and brands embracing user-generated content (UGC). She also hosts a podcast, where she interviews marketing leaders around the world about their challenges, advice, and perspective for the future.  


Ivonne spearheads TINT’s annual State of UGC research study and speaks about a wide-range of topics, including digital marketing, employee advocacy, and personal branding.


She’s been in marketing for nearly 10 years, received her MBA, and is completing a thesis for her Masters of International Business and Economics. She enjoys traveling, design, and helping people grow in their careers.







S. David Ramirez

S. David Ramirez is the senior marketing manager at TINT, the world's most trusted user-generated content platform. He is on the board of the International Festival and Events Association Foundation.


He teaches social media for the Texas Event Management Institute. He is a business mentor in the HELM Small Business Accelerator and the Break Fast and Launch Culinary Accelerator.


When not evangelizing UGC, he is an experiential marketing consultant with large-scale events across North America. Mostly, he’s a nerd. Ask him about anime, marketing, or media.