TINT Talks- July 2022


Drive Sales with eCommerce Authenticity





This holiday shopping season faces the challenges of an increasingly discerning consumer, inflation, and the rumblings of recession. eCommerce brands must implement authentic content frameworks during Q3 to be ready and crush Q4. Join us for a chat with Serena Hernandez, product marketer at TINT, to discuss how brands can thrive in the most competitive shopping season in history.

Key Takeaways:

  • Why you must utilize authentic content at every touchpoint
  • How to select the right content for each placement
  • Increase conversions with User-Generated Content on Shopify and other eCommerce platforms.


Serena Headshot

Serena Hernandez

Serena Hernandez, for the last 6+ years, has successfully developed, launched, and managed several multifaceted marketing strategies through her previous roles in the Non-profit, Financial Services and now Tech industry as TINT’s Product Marketer. 


She has been recognized by the San Antonio Express-News and a number of San Antonio's Charitable organizations for her work in her previous non-profit and current activities.







S. David Ramirez

S. David Ramirez is the senior marketing manager at TINT, the world's most trusted user-generated content platform. He is on the board of the International Festival and Events Association Foundation.


He teaches social media for the Texas Event Management Institute. He is a business mentor in the HELM Small Business Accelerator and the Break Fast and Launch Culinary Accelerator.


When not evangelizing UGC, he is an experiential marketing consultant with large-scale events across North America. Mostly, he’s a nerd. Ask him about anime, marketing, or media.