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The Art & History Of Hashtags


Webinar Details

Hashtags today are everywhere, from Twitter posts to billboard ads and TV commercials, but you shouldn’t use them just because everybody else does. To get great results, you need to understand the hashtag ecosystem, and how to use hashtags strategically. We are partnering with the hashtag scientists at Hashtagify to host a live webinar and teach you everything you need to know to become a hashtag hero!


Here's what we will cover: 


Increasing Your Content’s Reach 

Gaining high-quality followers

Finding and connecting with relecant influencers and prospects

Creating a viral hashtag to multiply the power of your campaign


The live broadcast will be recorded and be emailed to everyone who registered for for this webinar.

The Presenters


Jerry Guo

Business Development 




Community Strategist 



June 22nd, 10 AM PST