4 Truths eCommerce Retailers Need to Know about Gen Z


2022 is the year when Gen Z will truly flex its spending powers during the holiday season. Retailers, online and offline, must learn to connect with this demographic to maximize their opportunities during winter shopping. Build a connection with Gen Z today, and it will pay dividends for decades.
  • Understand the traits and mindset of Gen Z
  • Learn the connection between transparency and authenticity
  • See where Gen Z researches
  • Gain a framework for implementing content strategies that speak directly to Gen Z



Gia Lee

Gia is the Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer at NinetyEight, a Gen-Z marketing agency based in LA. Originally from Manila, Philippines, she moved to LA to attend Loyola Marymount University where she graduated a Magna Cum Laude with a BBA in Marketing. She has worked at various advertising agencies in LA working on projects for clients like Kia and Honda. At NinetyEight, Gia leads the new business department spearheading all client acquisition efforts. Client-side, she is an account manager, strategist, influencer manager, and TikTok creator. Gia wears multiple hats both in-office and out! In her spare time, you'll probably find her playing golf, thrifting, or scuba diving. In everything she does, Gia hopes to craft unique and meaningful cultural moments for Gen-Z and beyond.






Serena Headshot

Serena Hernandez

Serena Hernandez, for the last 5+ years, has successfully developed, launched, and managed several multifaceted marketing strategies through her previous roles in the Non-profit, Financial Services and now Tech industry as TINT’s Product Marketer.

She has been recognized by the San Antonio Express-News and a number of San Antonio's Charitable organizations for her work within her previous non-profit and current activities.







S. David Ramirez

S. David Ramirez is the Sr. Marketing Manager at TINT, the world's most trusted UGC platform. He is a board member of the International Festivals and Events Association Foundation and writes for their quarterly magazine. He writes and speaks internationally about marketing, digital media, and field marketing. Occasionally, he’s funny; mostly, he’s a geek. Talk to him about nerdy things.